About Twin Mom

TwinMom is a 40-something (give or take a decade) parent to W. and J., two handsome 20-year olds with profound autism, in addition to their neurotypical sister who is exceptional in the other sense.   While TwinMom has a day job helping technology companies, her life’s work is in helping W. and J. to grow more capable and happier each day despite faulty neurological wiring.  In addition to her family, she’s passionate about hiking, baking bread, yoga, self-expression and growing her capabilities and that of her family.  She loves things that make her work real hard, and the reward of their completion like some expansive vista from a mountain top that you could only reach by a hard, hard slog.  Don’t tell anyone, but she loves many things beyond autism, parenting the autistic, and accommodating the special ones.  Some days she even finds 3 1/2 nanoseconds of discretionary time to pursue them too.

She’s grateful to have a great guy as her life partner, a beautiful young woman she is proud to call her daughter, and the support of loving family and friends.   Because some days are easier than others – it is their support and love that help her find her voice along the trail.

Her favorite quote is:

“It doesn’t matter the end you journey toward.   Because the journey is all the matters in the end.”

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