CVT Day 57 – My COVID-19 Schedule

Thanks to whomever developed this schedule – I will go back and source this later when I have time. It emerged online in the early days of the pandemic when special needs program closures meant our community was floundering. With my guys needing consistency and routine, just having a target framework like this helped us set up a new normal day “program” of sorts.

Below is what we have evolved to use. Imperfect, as is anything, and where life falls down especially for Will is during “independent play’ which is also a code word for Mom and Dad are working and busy. Mom’s job being deadline- and client need-driven – also known as the “Jump? How High?” business model – I often can’t just stop work at 4 pm when the helpers leave. We’re always working, both at growing the boys’ independent recreation skills and my trying to set work boundaries.

I’m considering some overhauls of the below, but it’s what we use for now – and is reasonably working.

Q Family COVID-19 Schedule
7:00 AMWake up, make breakfast, chores
8:00 AMIndependent play while Mom and Dad do essential emails; brush teeth/shave/shower
9:00 ishHousecleaning; morning meeting set-up
10:00 AMMorning meeting
10:45 AMChoices; transition to activity or walk
11:00 AMWalk 5.4 mi /5.8 mi to Dunkin; purchasing
11:00 AMoptional fine motor/”academic” skills activity if rainy or if chosen
1:30 PMLunch (if walk only, no activity
2:00 PMExercise class
2:45 PMFold clothes, paint, cleanup or sort
3:30 PMSnack, time adjusted dep on lunch
4:00 PMIndependent play
5:00 PMOptional short walk, dinner prep help
6:30 PMDinner (often later dep on parent work)
7:30 PMIndep play, TV now on
9:00 PMSnack
10:00 PMToothbrushing/flossing and bed; read if chosen