Making the Shot

Will shoots BBall 02-28-15
It’s so true – parents of special needs kids walk on eggshells most of our lives.  There’s a funny saying going around Facebook circles lately that if something is going well, don’t talk, don’t act, and don’t even breathe.

How silly, really.  We’re so used to things going awry that when they actually work out, we’re stunned. – W. had a fabulous Special Olympics tournament Saturday.  While he’s scored more baskets in the past, he paid attention more, zero shoe disrobes or running off the court to find Dad, and twice he even ran instead of lumbered back and forth as shots were won and the team moved from offense to defense.

W. made the shot because he practiced lots – and because we and others helped.   I take heart on that greatly.  Today’s Monday morning solo-parent rush out the door meant a few practice tasks got expedited by me, but I take heart that every time the boys struggle, then win, over that twist-tie on the sandwich bread for their lunch, we score another point for the team.  Every time W. comes across a room to find me when he’s stuck on untying his shoes, he made the shot and so did I.   Every time J. independently follows directions and gets his toothbrush when I yell it out as I’m frantically wrapping up some work before it’s morning readying time – the crowd of all special needs parents is cheering behind me in the stands.

We’re making the shot – and it shows.  Yay!