Who Knew?

Who knew? – that 7 or 8 years later, this chaotic water park type of environment not exactly fine-tuned for autism – one that was formerly so aversive my guys sat on the edge and didn’t participate – would be W and J’s favorite day of autism camp week.  Chalk that one up to try, try, and try again – and sometimes even autism gives you a surprise.

Who knew?  that other people actually can cope with my guys when they deviate from the plan, as the camp director had to do on snowshoe day when W. protested wearing his bib overalls.  News flash, Mom – you don’t have to do everything.

Who knew? that when you stop micromanaging, and let go – even when for years, the way you HAD to get your kids through the day was to duly consider every minute sensory experience or fine-motor process at which your kids are delayed – your kiddos cope just fine.