February 14 – Retreat-ing With Love

What else to write on Valentine’s Day but a missive about love.  This one goes out to the siblings and family members who support us, and allow us to be whole.  The ones who push themselves and do the dirty work, literally, that make our journey manageable.

Our most wonderful daughter is watching the boys this weekend while the hubby and I attend a retreat for parents of autistic kids – a retreat we haven’t visited for about 8 years given child care issues when the event moved to winter.  Yes I was my usual basket case getting out of the house and readying just about every possible item she might need to know.  Laundry is first off.  Not sure why I feel the need to wash every item of apparel before I leave for 24 hours.  And of course a trial of all the flashlights in the house she might need when the anticipated foot of snow arrives and a power outage might ensue.

But the minute the car turned down the narrow rutted street to the secluded camp where we meet, I felt this rush of – peace.  Calm.  And a knowing that being away for thirtysix blissful hours will make me a more effective parent for the next year or more.

Here’s to those who show their love by giving what is often hard, messy, and inconvenient to ease the journey for us.  That’s the best valentine of all.  And here’s to knowing that my own stepping back sometimes to let someone else manage the boys for a brief while is a way I can love them back.