January 29 – Strength and Honor

My New Year’s resolution was to post a series of daily affirmation for parents of special needs kids.  Here on January 29, I may be a tad late, but I’m grateful for the “push” per earlier post to get started. 🙂

“Strength and honor!” was the battle cry of the Roman legion in last night’s rerun of “Gladiator,” the mindless movie of the night that was on TV as J. and I did needlepoint.  How much that resonated for me.   Strength – the experience certainly builds that, in spades, be it repeating the same elementary concept to kids who just don’t get it for the 3 millionth time, or cleaning up the grosses of bathroom messes.   Or tolerating those years of disrupted sleep when the kids just can’t settle down.  Or the endless school administration hassles over getting the I (individualized) in your kid’s IEP.

As for Honor – i’m mindful of just how wonderful my autistic wonderboys are, at the core.   Of how tremendous my staff of skills trainers and OTs and SL/Ps and teachers are, in seeing capability not disability.   Of my ultra tolerant spouse who puts up with my weirdo sleep schedule which usually includes falling asleep on the sofa 2-3 night a week, leaving him to do the nightly toothbrush and floss.  Of all the people I’ve met along the way who treat every human being as special, even my so obviously flawed guys (and me).

Here’s hoping I can have strength and honor enough today to carry me thought- carry us all through – and help W and J to grow.