A Bagful of Mom

The commercial “What’s in your wallet?” inspires every Mom to ask “what’s in your bag?” My sons’ teachers gave the best Mother’s Day gift last week.   It was a hand-colored bag filled with everyday items, each taped to a strip of paper on which the child traced a sentence.

A candle to light your way when things seem their darkest.
A marble to replace the ones you’ve lost.
A hair elastic to remind you to stay flexible.
A Band-Aid to help hurt feelings.
An eraser to remind you that every Mom makes mistakes.
A toothpick to pick out the good qualities in your children.
A cotton ball to get you through life’s hard times.
A Life Saver to remind you that it’s OK to ask for help.
A candy kiss to replace the ones you’ve given away.
A Starburst candy to give you that extra burst of energy.

Words of wisdom, surely.  This weekend helped me refill the bag.  I fear I might need that Starburst for real soon.  There’s so many unsaid words to be typed here, so many things left to do in our remaining hours away.  So much living to cram into the next 24 years with the hubby.   So many skills to be taught to the lovely kiddos remaining at home, awaiting us.

Science tell us that entropy is a more natural condition than order.  I suspect my house will typify entropy, in more ways than one, when I return.  – Yes, we have to return to our real lives, not simply watch ripples glimmer on the lake as if calm is our daily condition.

I’m freeze-framing an elegantly arching pine tree on a little island in the distance.  It’s arching so gracefully left.   It’s simply just one lone pine tree, and yet it anchors the entire shore.  I snapped a picture, and tucked it into my bag.

One thought on “A Bagful of Mom

  1. Debbie

    Here I sit with tears brimming. Not out of sadness, but out of love for my friend who exhibits a strength that I have yet to find. When I tell people I am still friends with the 5 fabulous women that I met in high school they are always amazed. It is so easy to do when those 5 are like you. I will be reading and spreading the word that this is one amazing life to follow.

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