The joyful patch

Patch cropped I thinkBrilliant sunshine usually makes me joyous.   Today’s unexpectedly gorgeous day however is making me all the more frustrated with perpetual work demands and my lack of ability to set limits on them.   The guys are off with others on this April vacation Tuesday and while that’s OK with me – I can’t do everything – I’m so longing to be their mom, to deliver them a sane mom instead of one who is always so tired – and more than anything, for joy.

I haven’t blogged since that life-renewing moment when our family received The Joyful Patch below – our patch for joining the Four Thousand Foot Club about which I’ve babbled in this blog for months.   Everyone deserves their moment, and that one was mine -when an auditorium of about 500 people gave a standing ovation to us, for joining despite autism, but really because of it.

Much to do, and so ill-focused here – but for now, I just had to touch The Joyful Patch once again – to remember that of all our journeys through autism and with it – we reached a goal that at least I for one treasured – and it has forever changed us and the world.