Climb Every Mountain – DONE

IMG_1822 (2)We did it!

My guys, the hubby and I summited all 48 of NH’s four thousand foot or above mountains.  It’s been three weeks already and I’m remiss in sharing my joy with the world here on my sorely neglected blog about the journey of parenting my most special guys.

The joy lives on, still, even across this rainy Labor Day weekend.

I rushed to share my joy and thanks with a hiking forum from which I learned immeasurably about the finer points of planning hikes.   Someone in commenting his congratulations amended a metaphor I used about hiking helping us each deal with our daily rocks and roots, to emphasize his own view:

“Each of us has a journey with rocks and roots but, occasionally, we rise above the tree line and enjoy a miles long vista.”

Mt. Carrigain for our 48th was certainly one of those.  I intend to continue my analysis of what this meant for us, and how others can apply it in other published venues.   But for now, I need to share with the world that WE DID IT -and we are all the better for it.

It was also oh-so special that the neurotypical older sister joined us, even though she hates hiking (except at the mall).  I saw glints of tears in her eyes reflecting my own as I thanked her for being part of what was intensely special to me.  I also fully informed everyone we met that it was our 48th because I wanted the world to revel in our accomplishment.
It was so special to be in community, among remoteness – and to feel deeply the congratulations of other hikers, particularly that of a blind hiker of some renown locally who in some amazing coincidence, if you believe in such, had just summited ahead of us and was descending as W and I were almost there.  When I told him that he was an inspiration, he said “I have a great team.”  To which I instantly replied “So do I,” and choked up.   Dear those on the “get it” list – we were there on that day because of you – truly.

Sometimes the road is long, and seemingly impossible.   One step at a time, we succeed! Always.