Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wedding Survival – yes!

In the peaks and valleys of life department, we summited another one – my niece’s wedding.   Although W did not wear his official “party pants” for which we did a behavioral shaping program, he did wear a sport coat AND a long sleeved dress shirt ALL NIGHT.
And while I did have to special order solid black PJ pants that he would wear, he looked – OK! (especially if you ignored the bottoms).

J. as usual was smartly handsome in sport coat, white oxford shirt and tie with matching dressy docker-style pants in a blue that brought out the sweetness of his eyes.

I stressed out so greatly over this wedding it’s not funny.  And while W.’s sensory issues with pants continue to not be what I want for him – we made it through an otherwise stressful, not-much-in-it-for-me event to everyone’s satisfaction.  Not sure either boy really enjoyed the wedding – and eating dinner at 9:30 pm after a long day waiting and wearing uncomfortable clothes probably wasn’t their thing – but we made it.

We made it!  In our own unique way – as we do each day.